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Frequently Asked Questions
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Notice: We have recently been notified that someone is misusing our name and pretending to be RedCarpet. If you are contacted by a person that asks for money to complete a loan transaction and claims to be from RedCarpet, it is a scam. RedCarpet does not ask for money in order to complete loan applications. RedCarpet does not require you to send money in order to obtain a loan. If you are are contacted by anyone representing to be RedCarpet and you are unsure whether it is RedCarpet, please do not provide any information or money.
Phone us back directly at 911244050337 or email us at

The Corporate Interaction Cell is an independent wing of RedCarpet. It is made up of students, is managed by the students and works solely for the benefit of the students to make them corporate ready by imparting practical knowledge.
To bridge the gap between students and the corporate world and to indefinitely work for the welfare and benefit of the student community.
CI-Cell will be run mostly by students, under the guidance of a Mentor. The Mentor will be selected from our pool of experienced employees from the RedCarpet office
RedCarpet will provide initial funding to manage the operations of CI-Cell.
There will be a team of 6 members governing the body - A Mentor, Founder President, Vice Presidents (2), Treasurer & a General Secretary.
There will be recruitments twice in every year - summer recruitments and winter recruitments.
Student from any college in Delhi & NCR can be a part of CI-Cell. However the position allocated to a student will depend on year of their respective college.
1. Providing live projects to students (2 every year)
2. Assured paid summer internships to the best performers (top 2)
3. Corporate visits (3 every year)
4. Seminars and training sessions on Marketing, Communication, Excel, Analytics, Life Skills and much more (6 every year)
5. Teaching corporate ethics to the students.
6. Sponsoring online courses to the best performers.
7. Building network across Delhi - NCR
8. Competitions related to marketing (every month)
9. Certificates
10. Recommendation on Linkedin
11. Stipend to the Members of Society (In 4 figures per annum)
If you have any further queries please send a mail to us on